Specialising in Anxious/Nervous/Fearful dogs and owners

During the Coronavirus situation, training classes were not available. I have since decided not to return to running village hall indoor classes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Basic training and Fun Stuff

These classes will give you, as a pet owner all the basic training that you need with your dog. We will teach you things you need to develop your dog in to a social and acceptable companion.

close work with the motley crew

Just to say these are fun pet classes and not obedience competition classes.

The classes are very social and all attendees are happy to help each other out and have a good laugh too.

The classes also contain lots of fun activities, such as silly agility, scent work, games and controlled dog socialising.

Classes are held at:

Uffington Village Hall, Shrewsbury, SY4 4SQ

Tuesdays 4pm to 5pm

and 6pm to 7pm

Classes cost £8 for being in the group session, but when you first come you may need some one to ones before you are able to move into the main class and those sessions will cost £12