Behavioural Therapy

What is the difference between a dog trainer and a dog behaviourist ?

In dog training, we teach you and your dog basic behaviours and positions, for your dog to become a well behaved companion. E.G. Sits, Stays, walking nicely on the lead etc., plus other fun activities for you and your dog to enjoy together.


A behaviourist works with ‘problems’ that you have with your, such as nervous anxieties which can lead to aggression. Problems such as jumping up, hyper activities, barking and biting and many more. 

In the behavioural therapy we would be looking at changing the mind set of your dog when he is displaying the unwanted behaviours. By assessing why he is doing them, finding out the best way ‘for that dog and that owner’ to change the problems, and to convince your dog that there is a better way of behaving and dealing with his anxieties. 

Many behaviour problems are due to a misunderstanding between dog and owner, a lack of appropriate socialisation/habituation or of house rules and boundaries, which may not be apparent to the owner.

It is always 99% down to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the owner, which is perfectly normal. You just need to be open minded about learning and understanding of dogs, and then have the want and determination to do the work that will be needed to help your dog.

Just remember, ‘if you don’t change what you are doing, then your dog want change what he is doing’. 

We start all one to one behavioural work in the dogs own home.

The reason for starting at home is your relationship and the mutual respect with your dog is created there. To change any behavioural or training problems, we need to start initially where the dog lives. Then move to the places where the problems normally occur.

We have a pack of therapy dogs, which are a very important part of our behavioural team. [See them on the Meet the Team page] These dogs are specially trained and extremely effective when working with dog to dog aggression problems and very nervous dogs. This allows us to assess the type and degree of aggression or nervousness your dog may have, so we can put the best method of treatment in place.

We work hands on with dogs and owners, demonstrating the technics and making sure the owners can accomplish the required results.   Follow up sessions are recommended, to give continued back up training until the problem is successfully resolved.

Whilst dog training classes are a good place to teach your pet good manners and obedience, they are not the place to deal with more complex behaviours. For these, a more detailed assessment of the underlying cause of the problem needs to be carried out so that appropriate treatment can be advised

The consultation will last approximately two hours, during which time your pet will be thoroughly assessed and an appropriate behaviour modification programme will be advised.

You will learn how to communicate with your dog/s in the language they understand. You will be empowered with a set of tools that whenever your dog asks any questions or challenges your leadership you will know how to respond, resulting in a calm and relaxed dog and humans!

Behaviour Therapy package

Home visit 2 Hour Consultation £90

.   There will be travel costs for over 20 miles from Base.

.    Follow up one hour sessions £65

.   [4 x one hour session booked and paid for at time of first home visit £220]

.   Includes unlimited e mail support

   Phone support – Half hour call – £30 [must be booked in advance]


Terms and Conditions.
. If you cancel a confirmed booked session with more than 48 hours notice, there will be no charge.

.We reserve the right to charge half of the normal fee, if you cancel giving less than 48 hours notice.

. We will make every effort to re schedule a cancelled appointment.

. All appointments must be used with in 6 months of initial booking.


Being a member of the CFBA means you can claim the cost of behavioural therapy from your pet insurance. You would need to contact your vet for a referral and also contact your insurance company to find out their requirements. 


Please contact us for further details: 

Add in message area of your e mail. ‘ Request Behavioural Booking’.      Please make sure you have read terms and conditions before requesting a booking.


Sam Axel with her dog Sasha.
when Sasha was having dog to dog anxieties. Sitting here calmly with our therapy dog Sam