Ancient greek
’zoo’ (animal)
‘pharmaco’ (remedy)
‘gnosy’ (knowing)

Dogs have the ability to select natural remedies to help ease pain, ease anxious behaviours, combat infections and reduce inflammation. Just like we do when we inhale Lavender to help us sleep or relax.

The dog will choose remedies that he feels he needs either by, inhalation of essential oils, orally digesting waters and powders, or by requesting to have remedy rub on.

A session would be done in your own home, in a quiet, comfortable and uninterrupted area. The dog will take the lead on the medication that he feels he needs.

Session will last approximately one and half hours.

Cost £85

Includes unlimited e mail support

Phone support – Half hour call – £30 [must be booked in advance]

You may want to buy some of the remedies that your dog chooses, so that he can take the medication he has chosen on a regular basis.

Terms and Conditions.
. If you cancel a confirmed booked session with more than 48 hours notice, there will be no charge.

.We reserve the right to charge half of the normal fee, if you cancel giving less than 48 hours notice.

. We will make every effort to re schedule a cancelled appointment.

. All appointments must be used with in 6 months of initial booking.

Dudley getting drowsy inhaling the oils
Dudley digesting his chosen powders
Dudley in deep sleep, processing the remedies.

Contact via E mail to make a booking. Please put in message area ‘Request booking for self medication’

Tel: 07966031466