Introducing My New book July 2021

Human Nature Vs The Nature of The Dog

Why do we do the things we do? And why do we blame are dogs for the things they do?

Human beings are a very complicated and emotional species, compared with canines who are much simpler and instinctual creatures.

This book explains the strengths and weaknesses of each species, and investigates aspects of our lives, like personalities, cultures, and life events that make us who we are, and that of our dogs. We delve into the differences of how both species learn, and think, and what problems we can create when we think of our dogs as our children. The Evolution of the human/ dog relationship has changed so much since it first started, and we explore the reasons why we now have so many behavioural problems with our pet dogs today. Everyone who reads this book will find something of themselves, and of other people they may know, in these pages. You will also relate to your dogs’ character and possible behavioural issues. I have put this book together so that we can learn more about ourselves and our dogs, for the purpose of a better understanding and relationship with our beloved four-legged companions.….

First Book June 2020

Dogs Helping Dogs It’s all about Energy

As a dog behaviourist, the majority of my work is spent with nervous dogs and/or nervous owners.

So, this book has been written especially for pet owners who have anxiety issues, to help you understand how and why these problems arise. The book gives you an in site in to why dogs and owners develop anxieties, and what the causes are in today’s modern world, and how we expect our dogs to live in with our life styles, which is totally unnatural for a canine.

You will learn how to identify nervousness and fear in your dog, how to read their body language and listen to their pleas for help. The book also explains a lot of the actions that we humans do with our beloved pets, that are more harmful than helpful.

You will see how dogs communicate with each other in their own language, and most importantly, how energy can either cause or help anxiety issues, and how the right balanced, laid back dog can help to rehabilitate anxious dogs and owners, if done in a control and safe environment.

There are also some stories in the book of nervous owners who have fearful dogs, and how they have learned to cope and manage both their own and their dog’s anxieties.

I am sure that every dog owner will see issues in the pages of this book, that they may have had, or do have, or are likely to have in the future.

 It’s a most read for all pet dog owners.

You can order this book in either kindle or paper back version, by using the link below.