Our dogs can help your dogs

Sam the main man
Yeah well, what can you say!

We have a team of dogs, lead by Sam (the main man) who,s job it is to work with anxious/nervous and fearful dogs.

Dogs as a species have their own language, which they all instinctively understand, even if we has another species don’t.

Not many of us truly understand canine communication, and that is where we as a highly emotional species, can really mess up our relationship with our dogs.

Anxieties in our dogs can cause strong anxieties in ourselves and vice verse. But a stable and calm dog with good dog to dog communication, can help another dog to deal with his fears and become a normal dog again. Which in turn can help with owner anxiety and create a better dog owner relationship.

This is where Sam and the team can help your dog.

We offer sessions where you dog will spend time firstly at my home with Sam and the team. Theses sessions will be dog only as, we don’t want any nervous energy from owners affecting the dogs ability to relax. As your dogs rehabilitation improves, he will get to walk out with the pack and then in time you will be able to join in once we have helped you with your energy. Short videos and photos will be taken, so you can see how your dog is progressing.

Please note: these are not doggie day care sessions where your dog is just left with us whilst you are at work. They are therapy session for highly anxious dogs, where they will be interacting and learning how to over come their issues.

Sam’s Rehabilitation Session

One hour Therapy Session £90

Two hour Therapy Session £160

Three hour Therapy Session £250

Terms and Conditions.
. If you cancel a confirmed booked session with more than 48 hours notice, there will be no charge.

.We reserve the right to charge half of the normal fee, if you cancel giving less than 48 hours notice.

. We will make every effort to re schedule a cancelled appointment.

. All appointments must be used with in 6 months of initial booking.

Anne Browning

Dog Behaviourist and Energy Coach